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Overcome Addictions, Embrace Freedom: RTT's Empowerment Journey

Break Free from Addiction with RTT's Support

RTT serves as a valuable tool in addiction treatment, acknowledging the role of underlying emotional and psychological factors in the development and maintenance of addictive behaviors. By uncovering and resolving these issues, RTT empowers individuals to overcome addictions and adopt healthier coping mechanisms. Through addressing the emotional aspects of addiction, RTT fosters self-understanding, new perspectives, and increased self-awareness, leading to the cultivation of healthier habits and coping strategies. Additionally, RTT can reinforce motivation for change, enhance self-esteem, and promote relaxation and stress reduction. At Mackay Hypnotherapy & Life Solutions Clinic, our qualified addiction therapists are equipped to assess individual needs and provide tailored treatment options for lasting recovery.

Unveiling the Roots of Addiction

RTT recognizes that addiction often stems from deep-seated emotional and psychological issues. As individuals embark on their RTT journey, qualified therapists guide them through the process of uncovering and resolving these underlying factors. By understanding the emotional triggers and patterns fueling addictive behaviors, individuals gain greater self-awareness and insight into their addiction.
During RTT sessions, the therapist uses various techniques to delve into the subconscious mind, where the seeds of addiction are often rooted. By addressing these core issues, RTT aims to provide individuals with the tools to dismantle addictive behaviors and replace them with healthier coping mechanisms. This comprehensive approach sets the stage for lasting change and transformation.

Empowering Transformation through RTT

RTT offers individuals a journey of empowerment, facilitating a deeper understanding of themselves and their behaviors. By rewiring limiting beliefs and perspectives associated with addiction, individuals can embrace new possibilities and build resilience against triggers.
RTT may reinforce motivation for change, instill a sense of purpose, and boost self-esteem, providing the vital support needed in the recovery process. Moreover, RTT introduces powerful relaxation and stress reduction techniques, aiding in the management of cravings and emotional turmoil.
At Mackay Hypnotherapy & Life Solutions Clinic, our dedicated addiction therapists are equipped to assess your unique needs and offer tailored treatment options. Through RTT, we stand by your side, guiding you towards a life of liberation and renewal. Together, we embark on a transformative journey, breaking free from addiction’s grip and embracing a future filled with hope, healing, and newfound possibilities.


Robert James
Robert James
I tried Hypnotherapy to calm my anxiety and I am very happy to see the result.
jitendra singh.
jitendra singh.
I am really happy with the results, I feel very positive and confident after my therapies. Thanks
Rebecca and Tim Shaw
Rebecca and Tim Shaw
Fantastic & professional service. Highly recommend. Thank you.